An Eye-Opening Resolution Worth Keeping

Make a resolution to include Eye Health as part of your family’s New Year General Health Plan. Our Optometry Practice supports a public awareness campaign promoting healthy eyes and vision safety.

1. Children should have a thorough optometric eye examination by the age of four.

2. Have your eyes examined without delay if you experience any visual changes, pain, flashes of light, or injuries. Diabetics should have more frequent examinations. African-Canadians are at a higher risk for glaucoma and also require closer monitoring.

3. Always wear protective eye wear during sports and when working with mechanical tools. Ninety percent of such injuries are preventable if only protective eye wear is used.

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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2014!

Our team of professional optometry staff and technicians wish to thank you very much for your continued loyalty of our practice and the wonderful privilege of serving you and your family. Your confidence in our practice has clearly been demonstrated by your many referrals of family and friends and this has been the key to our success every since 1988.

We look forward to serving you again in the new year with enthusiasm and dedication. Your eyes are worth our thorough eye examination regularly. Did you know that you would have to walk 80,000 km (twice around the world at the equator) for your leg muscles to get the same exercise that your eyes get in just one day? So pre-arrange for your family’s eye-care examination today and take care of your eyesight.

In the interest of your better Eye Health, from the practice of: 


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Preserving Your Sight


1. Cataracts: Vitamins C and E and proper sunglasses that block 95% of UVA and UVB can help. Most people with cataracts initially just need a new prescription for glasses. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people do not require cataract surgery because in the long run, they will not cause significant vision loss.

2. Glaucoma: Walking briskly for 20 min, 4 times a week, can often help lower your eye pressure significantly. Vigilant monitoring of your eye pressure, field of vision, and thorough eye examinations can prevent blindness from the damages caused by glaucoma.

3. Macular Degeneration: Protection from UV rays with sunglasses and daily supplements of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E and zinc oxide with copper is recommended for most people.

In the interest of your better Eye Health, from the practice of: 


(Hons. BSc, MSc, O.D., F.I.O.S)

6633 Hwy 7 at 9th Line

Markham, Ontario

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Dr Hafiz H Walji Wins Best Optometrist in Markham!

The people of Markham voted, and the results are in! Dr. Hafiz Walji has been voted Best Optometrist in Markham, by the 2011 Readers Choice Awards. This is actually Dr. Walji’s eighth Reader’s Choice Award Win! We thank all the readers who voted, and all of our loyal patients who support our clinic. We will continue to serve Markham and the surrounding areas with quality eye care services.

We are also currently accepting new patients! To visit our website, please see You can book appointments for your whole family online at our website, or contact us at (905) 471-EYES (3937). Our hours and other information can be found on our website.

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Welcome to Dr. Hafiz H. Walji’s Eye Care Blog!

Welcome to Dr. Hafiz H. Walji’s Eye Care Blog! 

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Dr. Hafiz H. Walji

Dr. Hafiz Walji is an Optometrist in Markham, who has been serving families in the York Region area for over twenty years. He has been voted “Best Optometrist” (Reader’s Choice award) five times for his excellent service and informative eye care articles which have been published in the Markham Economist and Sun for over a decade. On this blog, you can read some of his excellent articles, and keep updated with the latest information in eye wear and eye care. Subscribe to our email list, and we’ll send you a special “Thank you!” promotion discount for supporting our clinic! To visit our official website, please see

Our staff are delighted to welcome you to Dr. Hafiz Walji’s Optometric Clinic. Dr. Walji has been serving families in York Region for over 20 years. We refer you to our official website – which contains all our clinic information including our products and services, specialized Ortho-keratology program, and a little background information on Dr. H. H. Walji. You can even book an appointment online! For any questions about our clinic, please check out

This blog aims to further introduce our valued patients to the eye care world. By covering a plethora of categories from healthy eyes to eye care fashion, we hope to address all of your eye care needs. Please bookmark our blog, and check back frequently for new articles!


Dr. Hafiz H. Walji & Staff

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Insight Into Eyesight: Astigmatism

One of the eye problems that causes blurred vision is astigmatism. This happens when the cornea, or “window of the eye”, is out of shape. A normal cornea has a perfect curve, with the same degree of slope on all sides. Light rays that pass through the cornea come together at a single point on their way to the retina.

This simply isn’t possible in the astigmatic eye. The rays of light don’t come together at the same point. There are two separate images. This doesn’t mean that people with astigmatism see double, but it does blur their vision. Continue reading