Syntonics (Light Therapy)

As winter approaches, it is noteworthy to realize that we all feel better seeing certain shades of light as well as appropriate shades of colours.

Colours help harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Too little light is known to cause winter Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). Light stimulates the body, helps us form Vitamin D, tickles the soul, and provides vision. Light stimulates our biological rhythm. Decreased light stimulates relaxation and sleep.

Optometrists have founded a field called Syntonics: four different coloured lights are given to patients to look at as a way to help certain health conditions. It has even been used on near-sighted people with some success.

Our goal in Syntonics is to help harmonize the sympathetic (stress-causing) system and the parasympathetic (relaxation- causing) systems within the body to promote balance between these two opposing forces. In the process, we help people with Migranes, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, SAD and many other disorders as a holistic approach to better general health through our eyes, the true windows to our bodies.

Come into our office to learn more about syntonics!



(Hons. BSc, MSc, O.D., F.I.O.S)

6633 Hwy 7 at 9th Line

Markham, Ontario

905-471-EYES (3937)


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