For Eyes, Toys Can Mean Trouble

1. Avoid Dangerous Toys: BB guns, slingshots, and even water guns are toys with detachable parts that will fly into the eye can cause great damage. Never buy hobby kits, such as chemistry sets, for any child younger than 12 years of age.

2. Inspect for Durability: Are there any sharp points or edges that may be there inadvertently? Toys should be able to withstand continual impact.

3. Look At The Label: Toys for children should match the child’s abilities or it may do more harm than good. Manufacturers should provide information on suggested age levels for use.

4. Ensure Proper Storage: Teach children to store toys effectively when not in use, to avoid tripping and falling over a toy.

5. Perform Routine Inspection and ‘tune-ups’: Check for broken parts and malfunctioning or damaged parts that a child may miss noticing.


(Hons. BSc, MSc, O.D., F.I.O.S)

6633 Hwy 7 at 9th Line

Markham, Ontario

905-471-EYES (3937)


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